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Eligibility & Enrollment

  • Registration is only through the School Counselor.  (grades 7-12) Students must be enrolled in a school to apply and have access to a computer and software that meet GCVSP requirements as well as access to the internet.
  • Greenville County Schools offers GCS students a variety of choices in flexible curriculum alternatives. Both GCVSP and VirtualSC online course options are available. See your school counselor for more details.
  • Many GCS schools and special programs such as the Fine Arts Center and Early College offer students the opportunity to take high school virtual courses through GCVSP for free during the school day as part of their schedule.  See your School Counselor for information on schools offering this choice. 

GCVS Course Offerings

Click on the link below to see Current Course Offerings. (Not all courses are offered every term) To learn more about the schools and programs that "embed" courses for free, see your School Counselor. Note: Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment.  

GCVSP Current Course Offerings (click here)

VIRTUALSC Current Course Offerings (click here)

Click on the subject area link below to see GCVSP course descriptions.

GCVSP Course Syllabi (click here)

Please see your School Counselor for information regarding ONLINE PAYMENT for GCVSP courses.