Eligibility and Enrollment

  • ALL students are required to pay for GCVSP courses (payment info is below).
  • Registration is through the school counselor.
  • Students must have a computer and software compatible to the course selected: see System Requirements and  PE 1 Technical Requirements 
  • Students must be between 13 and 21 years of age.
  • Non-district students interested in taking a virtual course should have their school counselor contact the GCVSP staff.
  • GCVSP staff does not administer EOCE to Non-district students
  • In most cases, Fall & Spring Terms are approximately 13 weeks in length; Summer Term is approximately 7 weeks in length.

GCVS Program Payment Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

GCVSP Course offerings

Click on the Subject Area for 2014-15 course list. (See your school counselor for 2014 Summer course list or contact the GCVSP staff)

Courses offered are subject to enrollment each term (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Most courses are offered in both CP and Honors levels (see course list)

Courses award one unit of credit and are one semester in length with the following exceptions:

  • Econ and Govt award half units in Summer.
  • During the school year, EOC courses (Eng 1,Alg 1, US History) are in both yearlong (Aug-May) and semester formats.

SCVP Website (click for course offerings)

Middle School Course Offerings

Virtual courses are High School courses. Courses completed by eligible Middle School students award one unit of High School credit. (See your school counselor for eligibility criteria)

  • 7th grade students may take Algebra 1 Honors if they meet the prerequisites and have permission from their principal.
  • 8th grade students may take any of the following courses if they meet the prerequisites and have permission from their principal.
  • English I Honors
  • Algebra I Honors
  • Geometry Honors
  • Desktop Publishing
  • PE 1
  • Spanish I CP

Students who have successfully completed the 8th grade may select from all GCVSP & SCVSP course offerings if they meet the prerequisites.